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Emily Skye

About Emily Skye (My story)

In 2010 I picked up my first copy of Oxygen Magazine, which is a top women’s fitness magazine. I had been exercising for about 6 months but didn’t really know what I was doing. I was the typical cardio machine girl, obsessing over being lean & skinny. I even went to the extreme of taking fat burners, eating boiled chicken and broccoli every meal and spent hours training in the gym.

I had no idea that you shape & tone your body by doing strength training and eating plenty of food including good fats and carbohydrates. In fact I eat MORE food now than I ever have and I am leaner than I have ever been!

I used to look through countless fitness magazines at the amazing, fit, strong, shapely women featured in them and I decided that I wanted to be like that too! I wanted to be strong, have shape, be fit and healthy and most of all be happy with myself.

Emily Skye

I realised that it’s not about being perfect; it’s about being the best you can be mentally and physically and accepting and loving yourself – flaws and all!


Emily began modelling when she was a teenager and studied fitness and personal training when she was 18, however didn’t enter the fitness industry until some years later. In her twenties, working as a model with what others saw as the perfect “skinny” figure, Emily, who weighed just 49 kilograms, admits she was far from healthy – doing no exercise, under eating, obsessing about how she looked and suffering from depression.

After years of feeling insecure and unhappy with who she was, both inside and out, Emily realised she had to make a change. In 2010, she started an exercise program but admits her approach was all wrong. “I was going as far as to take fat burners, eating boiled chicken and broccoli at every meal and spending hours slaving away on the cardio machines at the gym.”

Her epiphany came when looking through countless fitness magazines at the “amazing, fit, strong and shapely women” featured in their pages, and realising that she wanted to be just like them. She vowed to put an end to the continued cycle of starving, binging and punishing herself in the gym and pledged to take care of her body and give it the love it deserved by nourishing it with healthy food and focusing on being STRONG rather than skinny.

Emily’s first goal was to appear on the cover of Australian women’s fitness magazine, Oxygen, and as she embarked on her journey, she began to share daily updates with her growing social media following in the hope that she could inspire and help others who struggled with similar issues.

In the following two years, Emily competed in and won a number of competitions with the World Natural Body Federation (WNBF). Then, at the end of 2012 she achieved her ultimate goal of landing the cover of Oxygen Magazine. By this stage Emily had gained nine kilograms of lean muscle, a newfound confidence and a pretty impressive social media following.

“My lifestyle had completely transformed. I had gone on to develop not only a healthy, thriving body but a healthy and strong mind. I was no longer depressed and found myself generally feeling so much more positive, happy and self-assured,” she said.

When her social media community began to ask her for advice on how they too could achieve their health and fitness goals, Emily decided to update her fitness and personal training qualifications and put together a program that detailed everything she did to stay in shape. The result was her first program, Emily Skye’s 30 Day Shred, which has recently been reinvented with new and improved recipes, food and exercise plans – as the 28 Day Shred Program.

Night Train about Emily Skye

Night Train about Emily Skye 

One of the most popular athlete & fitness models in the world Emily Skye recently accepted my invitation to write word or two about her on my website. Lets be fair and honest i asked many models for interview and same but i never meet such friendly and well-mannered person in a long time (no offense to others). Franco Abbatangelo & Jessy Erinn are exceptions as well as Amy Lee and few others. Anyway let me go straight to the point on this. First thing you expect from the superstars like Emily Skye is huge ego and stuff like that, but not this time. This successful lady always find some time to chat with her fans and give them advice on how to succeed and create something from zero point. I could write about Emily for hours but i think you all understand what i mean. Enjoy in article about Emily.





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