Franco Abbatangelo (Model)

Franco Abbatangelo is professional underwear model. He loves to travel around the world and meet new people he can work with. He is first male model featured on the Night Train site.

Franco is born at March 1, 1984 and his birthplace is Titisee-Neustadt, Germany. His incredible shape make him one of the most wanted male models around the world. Since he enjoy traveling this job is perfect for him, so he can combine love and passion all together and results are more then impressive. It’s hard to find virtuous person who is willing to share a word or two about his career, but Franco Abbatangelo is one of them for sure. Very communicative and always in good mood Franco made this interview go smooth and very comfortable. When he was 16 he started to visit gym every day and today we can see results of his hard work.

Details about Franco Abbatangelo

Name: Franco Abbatangelo
Birthplace: Titisee-Neustadt, Germany
Birthday: March 1, 1984
Height: 6 ft. 1/2 in.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark brown/black
Shoe Size: 9.5







Behind the scene

When not in front of camera he love to spent his free time with family and friends. He enjoy playing tennis, soccer or dancing in the club with friends. Since he is Italian he loves Italian food. Quote: “i love pizza or lasagne but they are not good for my workout………oh well i can eat it sometimes hehe“.


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Big thanks to people who approved this article: Franco Abbatangelo and  photographers: Manfred D. Kretschmer and Carlos Methfessel.

Interview with Franco HERE.

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Franco Abbatangelo Night Train


Franco Abbatangelo Night Train


Franco Abbatangelo Night Train


Franco Abbatangelo Night Train


Franco Abbatangelo Night Train




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