Most wanted serial killers by the number of the victims


Most wanted serial killers.

On this list we will see 20 serial killers by the number of the victims.
This list is a compilation of modern serial killers currently with the highest verifiable murder count, who are non-medical and working alone. In the next video we will meet Dahmer, Charles Manson, Carl “Coral” Watts and many other serial killers from the United States.



About Night Train Youtube channel

Welcome to the Night Train channel. Here we will learn something about many serial killers, and everything connected to them. Like you can already guess my favorite monster is Andrei Chikatilo (Butcher of Rostov). That doesn’t mean i approve his killing spree of innocent boys and girls. Here we will see how serial killer mind works and how do the choose their victims. Also we will publish some never seen videos before, but let’s go step by step for now. In our opening featured video we will meet 20 serial killers by the number of the victims and from there we will go further explaining each one of them weekly.Thank you for stopping by and i hope we will have a great time together in the future.
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